Saturday, February 22, 2020



If you're reading this you've found my new Domain Name and New Website.  My old site, got stolen.  I had an auto-renew set up for the domain name.  Unfortunately, my visa card number got stolen, and I didn't think to enter the new card number.  So, my domain name expired without me noticing.  I found out about 3 days after it expired, but it was too late.  Google sold my domain name to a domain hostage company.  The way it works is that the company buys the domain name from Google for $12, and then offers to sell it back to the original owner at "hostage rates."  In this case, they wanted $740 to give me back my domain name.  I just let them keep it, and I was angry and disappointed enough I just let the blog sit for a for a long time.  

Now, I've changed the name from Wandering Environmentalist to Wandering Environmentalists, and have things up and running again.  Actually, this is a good change, since it reflects the fact that this blog site has been a team effort.

So what's worth seeing in this blog?

If you look, you'll find the full blog of our trip towing our Airstream 16,000 miles around the country in 2017, reporting on environmental issues; and reports of a trip to Costa Rica with a bunch of my Environmental Science students.  Hopefully soon I'll be adding content on student research projects.

Cheers, and enjoy!