Sage Advice from Dr. V Updated 4/06/17


Students come to me on a regular basis seeking advice.  I don't know why, but I suspect it's because I have gray hair, my door is open, and there's usually candy in my office.  It could also be that they can't get their pin number to register until they sit in my office and get a serving of said valuable advice.  Since I'm not in my office this semester, I thought I'd start a page offering sage advice from the new lessons I learn on this trip.

1.  Don't accidentally leave your camper door open at night, if you have a new, never slept on mattress, and live in a neighborhood with a feral territorial tomcat.

2.  Apparently, my favorite Dr. V Hawaiian shirt is NOT "enough shirts for seven days."

3.  If you're cutting wood on your table-saw and open the garage door to get wood in and out, do NOT open the overhead door to 5' 8" if you are 5' 10" tall.

4.  Don't leave your sunroof open when you use your car's window washer .

5.  Geesh, it's a big damn country.

6.  Deep Creek Campground, NC is not actually open in winter.  Do not haul your camper down the narrow mountain roads and then expect it to be.  I wish I'd looked online and checked.

7. Turn your camera on, take your lens cap off, and focus on focus.

8.  When using the bathroom at a campground, look before you "leap."

9.  If something smells mankey in your truck, look around for dog pickup bags that got left under your seat.

10. Apparently, I should check to see that my tee shirt isn't inside out BEFORE I go to the airport.  Being backwards did not help, either.

11.  My waterproof camera is not.

12.  Nobody holds your feet down but you.

13.  Love is a verb.

14.  Texas is a big damn country (all by itself).

15.  When using your Wahl men's rechargeable power beard grooming kit early in the morning and you're not really too terribly awake, you want to just check and see that the plastic spacer depth guide thingy is on, before you zip the bare blade through the middle of your beard cutting in a skunk stripe.  Kind of an anti-mohawk.

For your convenience, I will update this list as the trip progresses.

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