Where am I wandering? (Map of the Trip)

Hi Everyone,

Here's a map of our approximate route I made using Google Maps.  Google confidently informed me that the trip would 9,682 miles and take us just 142 hours of driving.  I don't expect that Google has made this trip towing a camper and stopping to see things :-)

One goal for the trip is to take a picture with the Westfield State University banner in Key West, FL; San Ysidro, CA; Blaine, WA; and Madawaska, ME, the four corners of the United States.  I got the idea for this trip from our town's police chief, an avid long-distance motorcyclist.  To get the award from the Southern California Motorcycling Association, motorcyclists must complete the entire trip in just 21 days (USA Four Corners Tour).  We're not that ambitious, and hope to complete the trip in about 70 days while riding on the comfortable seats of our pickup truck.  If you're not familiar with Massachusetts, Westfield is the home of Westfield State University, our starting point.

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