Sunday, May 14, 2017


Hi Everyone,

We MADE IT!  The fourth and final corner of the United States, in Madawaska, Maine.  We didn't want to drive in the traffic of 90 and Boston, so we drove up I-91 to Canada, and took the Trans-Canada Highway across to enter Madawaska from the Canadian side.  This is an awesome drive up through Vermont, and we loved it.  Beautiful country.  Because we are out of time, we drove it up in day, about 580 miles to Madawaska, then we drove home yesterday.

Here's the border crossing over the St. John River.

Here I am with the sign at the Four Corners Park in Madawaska, Maine.

Notice the smug grin of satisfaction.

Here's the view.  The near houses are the US, the far ones are Canada.

And here's the border between the US and Canada, the big, beautiful Saint John River, which was in flood stage.

We spent the night at the Day's Inn in Edmunston Canada (a cool inn, where they renovated an old 1930's inn, instead of tearing it down to build a ubiquitous "modern" motel), and drove the 580 miles back home yesterday.  We're a little road weary....

Stay tuned for the final blog entry that wraps up our amazing trip around the United States!

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