Thursday, January 11, 2018

A Meal with a Costa Rican Family

We had the opportunity to join Maricella Solis and her family for a traditional Costa Rican meal.  The catch?  We had to prepare it ourselves.

Here's the group at her house.  Because the weather is so temperate, houses and restaurants usually have huge outdoor spaces for living.  This is their covered patio.

Here are Maricella (in the black), her daughter Maya in the pink, and I didn't quite catch the other two's names.

Maya helps grind white corn meal for tortillas.

Ariana and I made an amazing salad.

John rolling out Prestinos, which will be dessert.

After I got done making salad, I watch Maricella dip the fried Prestinos in a delicious sugary mix. 

Charlie and Sam made star fruit juice.  This tasted great.

Nick and Chris forming tortillas.

Nick, Coltin, and Bridget prepare chicken

Bridget sautees the chicken.

Josh and Chris making salsa.

Paige and Kate made Guacamole.

Chloe and Bekah making patacones, which are double fried plantains.

Then, we load up plates and.....

Load them even higher....

....and eat....

It was a fine meal, the best we've had.  I'm pretty sure that even with a LOT of hiking, I'm packing on the pounds eating down here.  The hospitality of the Solis's was AWESOME.

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