Thursday, January 11, 2018


Hi Everyone,

Still plagued by slow internet, but I wanted to send a text post to let everyone know that we hiked down to San Gerardo Research Station, spent a couple days there exploring the Children's Eternal Rain Forest, one of the most intact and pristine cloud forests in the world.  While there, we felt the earthquake in Honduras, but we did not have any effects.  This morning we hiked up up up up and out.  At the trails end, we went zip lining in the cloud forest canopy.  Now, we're back at La Calandria, my favorite Research Station. 

This afternoon, we'll travel to Santa Elena.  We'll cut the students loose to explore the town and to fend for themselves for supper.

Tomorrow, students will do their independent research projects.  This is one of the most critical parts of the trip.  They've already each selected a topic and designed their study.  Tomorrow, they'll collect data, analyze it, and present their results to the group.

I'll try to get things posted with pictures as quick as I can, meanwhile, Pura Vita.


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