Saturday, February 25, 2017

Jonestown, PA and SPRING!

We’ve wandered our way to Jonestown, PA, 323 miles from home, and we found SPRING!  We’re camped at the Jonestown KOA beside the Swatara Creek (which is flowing, not frozen), and we can hear SPRING PEEPERS.  

That’s crazy!  Frogs in February. There’s also mosquitoes, and Sophie got quite a few ticks.  I got one tick, myself.  Naturally, they are little deer ticks, likely brimming with Lyme Disease.  

The campground is adjacent to Swatara state park, which has a cool rail trail.  This one is a “roundabout.”  There’s a raised trail, about ten feet above the swamp and floodplain of the creek, and it makes a giant circle about a half mile long that used to be used for turning trains around.  Really nice walking.

I tried to upload a few photos, but the WIFI at this campground is really slow.  Sitting out on the deck with a short sleeve shirt and Birkenstocks at 9:12 pm is pretty sweet, though!

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