Sunday, February 26, 2017

Jonestown PA Heading South Today

There are a few snowflakes flying outside, quite a change after being in short sleeves yesterday morning.  We live in a big county - a really big country.  Even though we've been able to plan 10-12 weeks for this trip, we'll need to average about 150-200 miles a day to make it around.  Yesterday, we didn't pull the Airstream, and every day we don't means we'll have a 300+ mile day.  That seems especially crazy, coming from MA where you can go through four or five states with that much driving!  Anyhow, we'll try to make it somewhere down into western VA today.

The rig is working great.  Yesterday, since it was so warm we risked filling the camper's water tank.  If it gets too cold now, the pipes freeze and break.  Before, we had it winterized and the pipes were empty.  The water and holding tanks are mounted underneath the camper in an insulated box.  This camper actually has heating elements to keep the tanks from freezing.  I'll let you think about heating a tank of sewage, but its better than a frozen tank of sewage... I guess :-)

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