Thursday, February 9, 2017


I'm still figuring out how to use Blogger, the software I'm creating this blog with.  So if you'll bear with me, I'll share a few pictures with you that show what winter looks like here in the beautiful mountains of Western Massachusetts (and I'll get some practice uploading them and linking things :-)

As you can see, this morning it's snowing here in Massachusetts.  It's hard to get your camper ready for a trip when there's this much of the white stuff on the ground and in the air.  Can't wait to tow that camper south to warmer climes...  

Here's a picture from 12:45 - still snowing....

...and one from earlier in the morning, when I THOUGHT it had snowed a lot....

These two are from a XC Ski trip this weekend at Knightville Basin, a US Army Corps of Engineers reservoir on the Westfield River in Huntington.  For more information on Knightville dam, click here.  The water held back by the dam froze over, then when they drained it the ice broke into these cool chunks.

And one from one of my favorite dog walking spots, Littleville Lake, another US Army Corps of Engineers reservoir in Huntington.  You can see a couple folks out there ice fishing.  For more information on Littleville, click here.

Jeeping (snow bogging) on an old mountain logging trail in Huntington.  This is my son's 1948 Willys Jeep that's been heavily modified for off-roading and rock crawling.  It never ceases to amaze me how capable his jeep is.

Sophie, our Berkshire Mountain Poodle on a trail at Tyrringham Cobble, a Trustees of Reservation property.  My family is a long-standing member of the Trustees of Reservation and regularly visits their properties across the state.  For more information about the Trustees of Reservation click here.  


  1. That's a beautiful Berskire Mountain Poodle!. Love the pictures and the blog - looking forward to the next installment!

  2. Thanks,she's soaking wet right now from playing in the snow!