Friday, April 28, 2017


Hi Everyone,

We left Harden, Montana this morning and headed East on I-90.  In the distance, you could see snow on the mountains.

Then as we got into Wyoming, you could see it close up....

Then it got still worse.  These two drift boaters wanted to go fishing, I guess.

Wyoming has a lot of snow can see why.

As this snowy sign proclaims, I-90 got closed down.  We exited into Buffalo, WY.

Here's what the on-ramp looked like.  There was also a barricade across, like you'd find at a train track.

So, driving around in four-wheel drive, we've stopped at the Buffalo KOA.  Mrs. Dr. V made a snowman, and I played with Sophie.

We're suffering mightily in the snowstorm.  We had split pea with kielbasa soup for lunch, and now Mrs. Dr. V is making her famous Apfel Streusel Torte.  This has a bottom layer of delicious golden crumbly butter cinnamony crust, with yummie apples on top, and then on top of that, streusels, which are crumbly cinnamony nuggets of goodness.  

I'm tapping my toe and waiting...

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