Sunday, April 30, 2017

Wild Horses Monument - ART

Driving on I-90 by the Columbia River you see a lot of things, including this sculpture by David Govedare titled Grandfather Cuts Loose the Ponies.  This sculpture was created in 1989-1990 and is also called the Wild Horses Monument.

We stopped in the pull off to have a look.  It's pretty spectacular.

We took the time to hike up.  Here's the view from the horses.

And the horses themselves.  Most all of them have some graffiti, which either adds or detracts, depending on your viewpoint, I guess.

They're fullsize, and welded up out of 1/2" steel.

This is some beautiful welding, showing the symbols Native Americans would paint on their horses with the moon, star, sun, and spots of the Appaloosa Horses.

Here's a foal...

Here they are galloping off the ridge toward the Columbia River.

For me, this really captured the spirit of the animals, and of the region.

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