Thursday, March 9, 2017

KEY WEST! First of the Four Corners

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday we made it down to Key West, the first of the four corners of the USA.  I gotta say, we didn't love Key West.  It was jamb-packed-crowded with spring breakers (both young and old).  There was actually a waiting line of about a hundred folks to take their picture on the other side of the point, which has the text "Southern Most Point in the US."  We touched the point, took the picture on the backside, and left :-)

Today we found a spot with good WIFI, and got a lot of posts done, including one with details from the Everglades which you can read here, Mrs. Dr. V's plant file which you can read here, a page of some interesting signs I've seen which you can read here, and some other blog maintenance work.  It's a little frustrating, because to get pictures to post in the limited WIFI of the world, you have to reduce the resolution a lot, and the pics look grainy...I guess we'll just have to deal with that.  

Cheers, from the bottom right side of the USA!

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