Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Snorkling in the Keys

WSU has a couple feet of snow and "Spring" Break.  Meanwhile, we went snorkeling at an old quarry on Bahia Honda Key. The materials from this and other quarry were used in the construction of the causeways in the keys. Now, this and other quarries are artificial reef sites and provide rare deep water pools. As you can see, it's STUNNING.

 Unfortunately, the wind had been blowing for a couple weeks, and the water was pretty turbid. The open ocean was cloudy enough that one couldn't see ones toes in knee deep water. This water is somewhat protected from the wind, but still turbid with tiny particles of shell dust and the like, which you can see in these pictures.

Our son Erik visited during his spring break.  Here he is with his GOPRO.

Here's a Cuttle fish.

A pair of Cuttle Fishes...

 A Bahama Sea Star, a prohibited species.

A shady place to hide out of the sun...

The view from the beach.

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  1. The prohibited sea star is beautiful. Why is it prohibited?