Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Knight's Key

Hi All, 

Day off of blogging.  We're camped at Knight's Key, just north of the Seven Mile Bridge.  It's been VERY windy, which makes the water turbid.  We're hoping it will calm down, and visibility will improve so we can do some snorkeling.  There is a small swimming area off the campground, but they had a crocodile sighting last month, so...  (Hint:  The pictures you saw from the Everglades were Alligators, which are more docile.  We're far enough south that there are a few crocs.  But, as my wife points out, it only takes one).

Meanwhile, join us for the sunset off Knight's Key, looking across the Seven Mile Bridge.  As you can tell, there are worse places to wait for the weather to change.

Venus, above the Seven Mile Bridge

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